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"I read it with great pleasure and have suggested it to several friends.
I can't understand why it hasn't been made into a movie or a TV series like "Homeland."
It has great potential for either."

—David Nale, United Kingdom
(from Facebook) 

"I read it when it was first published, and the whole premise has never left my mind...
I'm still waiting for the right people to get their hands on the technology.
Michael, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's not already out there now,
and your story's being played out, albeit with a slight change of individual cast members."

— Ann Rudd, California
(from Facebook)

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California Association of Criminalists Book Review
October 2010, CAC NEWS
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Mr. Barry Scheck
The Innocence Project
New York

(Carmel Authors & Ideas Festival—Carmel, California)
September 26, 2010

"Best of luck with a great idea."

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Dr. Peter Kissinger, Department of Chemistry
Purdue University
July 19, 2010

It's not a book I could let sit...too much suspense.  This is very Robert Ludlumesque.

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Bert Upson, Palm Desert, California
President and CEO 
Goalworks Learning Technologies
March 18, 2010

    "The Nadjik Pheromone” is an incredible read. It mixes fact and fiction so well that it is hard to distinguish between the two. It had a powerful impact on my psyche not unlike what I felt after escaping from the towers on 911. Shock and awe and a revulsion toward government screw ups and coverups. Nadjik really gets you thinking about all sorts of possibilities and the unimaginable happening. It is my kind of book and ranks right up there with Ludlum and Baldacci, my favorites. You will be more than thrilled."

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Dr. Joseph E. Sabol, Racine, Wisconsin
Chemical Consulant/ACS Conference Organizer
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

     Truth, what a "novel" concept. It's amazing what exhaled breath reveals. This spy thriller will keep you interested as Wolf travels around the world in his relentless pursuit of truth. About halfway through (second visit to Hawaii), you will want to devote sufficient time in one sitting to finish. You cannot turn the pages fast enough, but doand absorb all the subtle nuances and relationships that appear, disappear, and reappear right up to the end. An amazing read. Hollywood, want a sure thing? Here it is. "

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Dr. Jose Bolaños, Los Gatos, California, July 2, 2009

     The Nadjik Pheromone is a very exciting book! This book is definite movie material. I found it as exciting as the book “Angels and Demons.” It has very futuristic technology that can verify truth!
     This is a danger to politicians who would kill to extinguish this new science. Great Work!

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Les Laky, Monterey, California, June 3, 2009

It reads like it should be on the fiction best seller list.

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Margie Morjig, San Ramon, California,  October 15, 2008

     I was hooked from the start. I didn't want it to end so I waited to savor the last few chapters. I read them as slowly as could. I loved the pace and the intellect. It makes you think. I tingled at the end. I want a sequel now!!

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Amazon.com Reader Reviews


Audry Lynch (Professor of English Literature) reviews "The Nadjik Pheromone"
June 21, 2010

     Michael Hemp has written a great techno-thriller with his first work of fiction "The Nadjik Pheromone". It was so realistic that I could picture his scenario happening any day in this country. It filled me with Orwellian dread.
     Mr. Hemp lives in Carmel and is a Steinbeck scholar. It is not surprisng that this factors into his story. Local readers will enjoy his allusions to Steinbeck Country. This is an extra bonus for this darn good read.
— Audry Lynch, Saratoga, California

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 Heart pounding thriller, great read. October 22, 2009

    This book was a non-stop thriller. From page 1 it captures you and keeps you involved. I was reading as fast as I could to get to the next page. It combines action, suspense, sensuality and one of the biggest moral issues of today, telling the truth. Winding its way through the world and the US, it was a great read. It demonstrates the politics, intrigues, double crosses and some revealing attitudes and actions by our own CIA and other governmental agencies. The premise is seeking and being able to really know the truth when we hear it. The foundation and repurcussions of knowing "absolute truth" in politics, religion, business and personal lives would change all of our lives. This novel addresses all of these in a "can't put down" read. I hope there is a sequel.

— Lawrence Wallace, California

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July 3, 2009
My husband and I read this amazing book! Michael Hemp is a great writer and weaves a suspenseful tale. We can't wait for his next book. The Nadjik Pheromone would make a fabulous movie.

— Sandy and Frank Dobronte, Carmel Valley, California

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     C. Jeanne Muir, Weaverville, California, May 21, 2009

     I love to read. My favorite genres: murder mystery and espionage a la James Lee Burke, Tony Hillerman, and Martin Cruz Smith. I am always looking for new favorites and have hit the jackpot with the Nadjik Pheremone. Michael Hemp brings it all in this wonderful fast moving, thought provoking first work of fiction. I can't wait for the next book in what I hope is a long series!

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 Michael Hemp Does It Again, April 6, 2009
Donna Teresa, Monterey Herald Newspaper, Online (California, United States)
    Whether he is writing about the rich history of the Central Coast or thrillers such as the Nadjik Pheromone, you can count on a great read from Michael. A book that I couldn't put down until I finished it. The characters and the settings are exciting and the story even more so. A fascinating story about humanity and the pursuit of truth at all costs. Is this world ready for the truth? I'm almost afraid to find out. The book begs the question and also demands an answer. If we had the truth, could we handle it? A book asking for a movie to be made of it. Simply terrific.

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March 10, 2009 (Amazon Kindle)

    This book grabs you at the beginning and never lets go. The man is an incredible writer, his descriptions make you feel as though he's really been to all these places, and his characters are real and complete. His insight into what might happen if someone actually developed a lie detecter that was a hundred percent accurate was outstanding. Yes, it's fiction, but it sure gets you thinking about our society and the government in particular. It keeps your mind jumping and wondering what's next. If you like international intrigue and a fast moving story read this book!

— N. Selders, Colorado

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March 23, 2009 (Amazon.com)

     I just finished Michael Hemp's latest novel. Well written and a quick read. His plot is very plausible, however scary that may be! It is always fun to read a local author, Michael's groundwork for the book comes through loud and clear.

D. Morse, Montrey, CA

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January 6, 2009 (Amazon.com)

    Author, Michael Hemp has written an incredible non-fiction story that is on the cutting edge of technology for Verifiable Truth Technology. Identifying specific molecules produced in your body when you tell a lie. The ramifications of such a technology are profound. The story is fast moving and exciting. Excellent book!

— Jose Bolanos MD, Los Gatos, CA

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December 21, 2008 (Amazon.com)

    Michael Wolfson, (the main character) is imprisoned, freed,and travels secretly over the globe, weaving between, good guys, bad guys, terrorists, politicians and FBI. Like life, you cannot always connect who ARE the bad guys or the good guys. Wolfson is hoping to arm the world with Nadjik Pheromone technology which could rid the world of crimes against humanity.

    Michael Hemp's fiction is a book with a back-story, wreaking in truth; like Orwell's 1984 classic, Hemp's novel is about a world waiting to happen. Hemp's literary style is direct and honest and it is this same technique that gives the story a direct and honest feel. The reader will wonder at the end if it is truly all happening, and will ponder the ethical problems encased in a science that can detect lies.

— Bette Davis, Healsburg, CA

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October 3, 2008 (Amazon.com)

    Captivating and intriguing novel. Great descriptions of locations, characters and events. Full of action and surprises. The events that lead the hero of the novel, Michael Wolfson, to continue on his quest for the ultimate truth technology keep the reader fully engaged and wondering what may happen next. The advanced science descriptions add an element of intrigue. The novel has a great ending that makes the reader anxious for a sequel.

— B. L. Hurtuk, Chagrin Falls, OH

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August 6, 2008 (Amazon.com)

    Having been a Tom Clancy fan for years, I have come to really enjoy fast-paced books that really hold my interest and seem very plausible at the same time. Michael Hemp has accomplished this and more with his latest book. The pace is very quick, the writing very descriptive, and the story line is totally captivating. Just thinking about the possibility of his story line becoming real gives me chills. (I'm sure it would also give lots of people, including most of our politicians, nightmares instead of chills).
Michael has done a really good job with this book. I look forward to his continuing efforts as a Central California author.

— John McKenna, Carmel Valley, CA

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August 5, 2008

    Rarely taken, but always enjoyed is the vicarious journey experienced through a character of fiction. Locales and their true essence is author Michael Hemp's forte. From the quaint, serene streets of Carmel, to a bombed-out Bosnian village, though terror-ridden, stench-laden Middle Eastern jail cells, to the perfectly manicured, vast grounds that grace the  Northern California High-Tech Firm, Spectrum Technologies -- the scenery was remarkable, lovemaking tender, the tension exhausting, and the pain excruciating.  All of this for a technology that would forever change the world -- a verifiable truth technology.
    The Nadjik Pheromone tells the story of a war correspondent Michael Wolfson's treacherous race to expose the crimes committed by the world's top government officials through the use CG-MS/spectrometry, and the pheromone-like molecules emitted by every human being when uttering a lie.  Any one who offers to help him does so with great peril. Throughout the twists and turns, the reader holds out hope that the courageous "Wolf" and those that help him, will escape demise and remain victorious in the quest of good over evil.
    Alas, the book ends with the reader desperately seeking a sequel -- the characters too rich to simply evaporate.  Great read!

— Anne Rudd, Carmel Valley, CA

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July 29, 2008 (Amazon.com)

    I found The Nadjik Pheromone to be a very interesting read. It was fascinating to follow along in the adventures of Micheal Wolfson as he travels the world looking for truth and accountability! The characters are vivid (with some depicting all of the worst in the world today). Carmel and the relationships formed there were breathtakingly beautiful. This book has it all: intrigue, sex, violence, state of the art science technology, and most of all justice and accountability! I loved it and recommend it to other reading clubs.

— Leonor Almada, Santa Clara, CA

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