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Announcing the publication of a nearly fictional novel of historic proportions!
Power structures around the world are about to be challenged and changed.

By scientifically verifiable lie detection: forensic GC-MS breath analysis lie detection.

"Who guards the guards?"
                   — Roman proverb

War correspondent Michael Wolfson’s passion to end torture, genocide, and crimes against humanity
leads to a scientific revolution in lie detection technology that must survive attempted destruction
by powerful secret, government, corporate and underworld organizations

     Human behavior based on scientifically verifiable truth sounds good, but not to the array of powerful and desperate adversaries any such lie detection science would face—for whom it would spell the end of secrecy, illicit power and influence, the fruits of corruption, violence, and crimes against humanity. Starting in Washington, DC.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-941425-124
Published by The History Company

$26.95 • 360 Pages • Hardcover
Full-size Dust Jacket
Cover Design by Tyrrell Creative, Atlanta, GA

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Dr. Brian Andresen (Chief of Foresnsic Scince, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Dr. Peter Kissinger (Bioanalysical Chemistry, Purdue)

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Featuring an Epilogue by Dr. Brian Andresen,
CSI pioneer forensic toxicologist and
former Chief of Forensic Science at
Lawrence Livermore National Labortory

More "CSI" Forensic "GC-Mass Spec"

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